About Us

Though the Corona virus has certainly isolated us all from “business as usual”, community bonds have prevailed and even strengthened through this tough time. Google revealed our most searched questions to be variations of “how can I help”, news channels have covered numerous stories of heroic acts across all states alike, and big corporations like Amazon have stepped up, revealing job opportunities to the recently laid off. For us, an IT company  committed to growing and publicizing local restaurants, (specifically through our online publication, Local Kicks), we felt it is our duty to our beloved clients and community to participate in the giving back and, in more ways than one. First, we decided to redesign our Local Kicks website as a space to promote local restaurants to our readers. In the process, we were joined by a great sponsor, Preferred Insurance, who offers insurance services to hundreds of restaurants in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Once they joined, we both worked tirelessly to find a way to utilize our combined client list to create something bigger, something that would positively impact both our restaurants and our community. And after much thought, we created a charitable local restaurant network called “meals of hope”.

We Believe

We believe that in creating this network, we will not only ensure our clients a stable revenue during this tough time for their business, but, also, bring people out of this pandemic with a stronger appreciation towards their local restaurants, local charities, and local workers.

Meals of hope

“Meals of hope” would become a $12 meal on participating restaurants’ menus that customers can generously buy as a donation meal to participating hospitals, shelters, law enforcement offices, and charities. In order to promote these “meals of hope” and our restaurants as a whole, we are utilizing the transformed Local Kicks to offer descriptions, menus, and specialties of participating restaurants so that you can donate and pick up a little something for yourselves too.



Ready To Make A Difference?

We are thrilled we found a way to help our clients and give back in the process. So, we just have one question, are you ready to join us?