Preferred Insurance 

We are going through unprecedented times with the corona virus epidemic and as part of our company’s social responsibility and values, we have decided to partner with Toast’N Taste to help our restaurants, doctors and nurses on the front line; police force; and homeless shelters in need of food.  
“It is not enough helping our clients with their insurance bills and coverage, we needed to help them sell, recover and grow” said PAT
Restaurants sign up to join the program and add a charity menu on their website, The program is promoted through social media, press releases and newsletters, customers buy the charity meals from our participating restaurants who in turn deliver the free meals to charities.  
We hope this program will give restaurants a daily sales boost and help our hospitals, law enforcement and homeless shelters during such these tough times

Since 1996, Preferred Insurance has focused on providing outstanding service to individuals, families, and businesses in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC area.  Working with the top insurance providers in the country, we are able to offer remarkable selection of products and services.

This combined with our staff’s exceptional knowledge in all lines of business, including property, casualty, benefits, personal lines, and life products, we can provide the exact coverage that will satisfy your unique needs.

We emphasize quality and excellence and place a high value on maintaining a strong relationship of trust and service with each of our clients.